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Rameses VIII

Ruler/Tomb owner
1126 B.C.

Rameses VIII ruled for less than a year in Dynasty 20. He is represented only once, in a procession of princes in the Memorial Temple of Rameses III at Madinat Habu, where his figure was recut with the royal Uraeus and other royal regalia. Rameses VIII may have been a later son of one of the kings of Dynasty 20, but there seems little chance that he is to be identified as a son of Rameses III, also known by the name Sethherkhepeshef Mery-Amen, who was buried in the Valley of the Queens in QV 43. No tomb is known for Rameses VIII, but some Egyptologists believe that KV 19, used for the burial of Prince Mentuherkhepeshef, might have originally been intended for him.