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Rameses IX

Ruler/Tomb owner
1126-1108 B.C.
Rameses IX [followed by Hathor].

During his eighteen year reign, Rameses IX made a number of successful attempts to restore Egypt’s power and wealth. Texts of his reign refer to travels in Asia and Nubia. He also ordered extensive building activity at Heliopolis and Karnak.

It was during Rameses IX’s reign that tomb robbing in the Valley of the Kings became so embarrassingly common that an inspection of the royal tombs was carried out. The result of the investigation was that a number of thieves were arrested and tried (in regnal years 9 and 16) and the mummies of several royal mummies were moved from their vandalized tombs to TT 320, a small tomb in the Dayr al Bahri cirque. They remained there until they were discovered and robbed by thieves at the end of the nineteenth century.

Rameses IX was buried in KV 6, located in the center of the Valley of the Kings. His mummy was removed from the tomb in the Dynasty 21 reign of Pinedjem II and added to the Dayr al Bahri cache.