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Ahmes I

Ruler/Tomb owner
1570-1546 B.C.

Ahmes was regarded by later generations as the ruler who defeated the Hyksos and established the Dynasty 18 Theban royal line. Son of Seqenenra Ta’a, Ahmes became king at a young age after his father and brother, Kames, were killed in battles against the Hyksos. There is evidence that the king continued to be militarily active after the Hyksos defeat, leading his army deep into western Asia and, on at least two occasions, into Nubia. These activities meant that he left much of the day-to-day running of the country to local administrators whose loyalty he helped to assure with generous gifts of land. Ahmes was buried in Dira' Abu al Naja, but the exact location of his tomb is not known. His mummy was moved in Dynasty 21 to the Dayr al Bahri cache (TT 320).