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Internet browsers compatible with this site
This site works best using Netscape 4.7 and above, and Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. To download a more recent version of one of these browsers, visit Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In addition, the site requires that javascript be enabled. To change your browser settings, please follow these steps:

PC/Windows - Internet Explorer:
  • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options
  • Click the Security tab
  • Click the Custom Level button
  • Under Run ActiveX controls and plugins, make sure that Enabled is checked
PC/Windows - Netscape:
  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Check Enable Javascript
  • Click OK
Macintosh - Internet Explorer:
  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Click on Web Browser, and select Java
  • Check Enable Java
Macintosh - Netscape:
  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Check Enable Javascript
  • Click OK
Special plug-ins to experience this site
The Macromedia Flash Player is required to view The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings and the Atlas of the Theban Necropolis. To download Flash, please visit Macromedia Downloads.

Java is required to view high-resolution Zoomify images throughout the site. Some firewall or proxy server configurations may prevent such images from displaying correctly.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print the maps and plans. To download Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe Downloads.

Computer configuration to best view this site
This site is designed to look best when your computer screen resolution is set to 800x600 pixels or higher, and with Colors set to true color (32 bit). To check or change your screen resolution, please follow these steps:

  • From the Start menu, select Settings
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Display
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Under Colors, select True Color (32 bit).
  • Under Screen area move the slider to 800 by 600 pixels or higher.
  • Under the Apple Menu, open the Control Panels folder
  • Launch the Monitors Control Panel
  • Set the Color Depth to Millions (if available)
  • Set the Resolution to 800x600 or higher (if supported)
Printing pages of this site
Pages of this site can be printed using your browser Print button. Within the browser, go to File and select Page Setup. Pages will print best if you change the Page Setup to landscape. Then, click Print.

Atlas performance tips
The Atlases are robust tools that may challenge the performance of some computers. The following tips may help increase responsiveness, movie playback speeds, and animation smoothness:

Because of the amount of memory they require to run, only one Atlas can be opened at a time. If one is opened while the other is open, the first will close. You should also minimize the number of applications running and the number of browser windows open while the Atlas is active. If the computer is busy running another application or displaying the contents of a different website, this can undermine performance of the Atlas.

While the Atlases are accessible for users with the Flash Player 5, using the latest version of the Flash player significantly improves playback speeds and the loading of tombs in the Description mode. To download Flash, please visit Macromedia Downloads to get the latest version.

Macintosh users may benefit from allocating more memory to their browser:

  • Locate the browser application file on the hard disk.
  • Click once on the application icon to highlight it.
  • From the File menu choose Get InfoMemory.
  • Under Memory Requirements change the Preferred size to at least 48000k.
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