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Much work still needs to be done in the field in Luxor and in the Theban Mapping Project offices in Cairo to record and preserve the rich heritage of the Theban West Bank:
  • More chambers remain to be discovered in KV 5.

  • We are actively seeking innovative ways to increase access to the royal and private tombs of Thebes while safeguarding them for future generations of tourists and scholars.

  • The dozens of memorial temples along the desert edge are threatened by rising groundwater from the adjacent agricultural land. They need to be subjected to a comprehensive protection plan and surveyed properly.

  • We plan to make information about these threatened monuments available through our website, by combining our extensive aerial and land-based photographic records with database documentation.

The Theban Mapping Project has always been a leader in using the latest technology and employing the most skilled experts and scholars in the recording, conservation and presentation of the monuments. This freely accessible website represents the fruits of more than two decades of painstaking efforts-work which has only been possible through the generosity of our past donors.

The Theban Mapping Project continues to operate without a guaranteed and steady source of income. It has no endowment to ensure that the decades of work that still need to be carried out will be completed. This is where you can make a difference. Your gift, no matter how big or small, will help us to protect and preserve the Theban monuments, and to record and present them to current and future generations.

Because the Theban Mapping Project and the American University in Cairo have non-profit status in the U.S., all donations are tax-deductible. There are two ways you can contribute to the Theban Mapping Project.
  • You can make a credit card contribution to the Theban Mapping Project using your Visa or Mastercard. Just fill out this form at the American University in Cairo's website to give via a secure internet giving site. Be sure to choose "Theban Mapping Project" in the drop-down menu of choices.. You can also set up a regular contribution to the Theban Mappjng Project in this manner. Pledged donations mean that we can plan ahead knowing that income will be forthcoming. Contributions made in this way are tax-deductible in Canada and Egypt, in addition to the U.S.

  • You can make a contribution to the Theban Mapping Project by sending a check.

Donors who contribute $500 or more over a two-year period are acknowledged on the Theban Mapping Project website. Here's the list of our major donors:

Major Donors (* represents repeat donor)

Donors who ever donated more than $5000

A. C & Penney Hubbard Foundation Inc.
Alacron, Inc.*
Sherry Lee Arnold
David Bonderman
BP Amoco Foundation Inc.
Andrew J. Candler
Douglas G. Carlston
Melanie Craft
Herbert K. Cummings
Duty Free Shoppers Group Limited
Janet V. Ecker
Jerome M. Eisenberg
Lawrence J. Ellison
James Fanuzzi
Forney Family Foundation
John Hennessey
J.M.R. Barker Foundation
Jerome M. Eisenberg, Inc.
Michael Jesudason
Lockwood Haight
Louise I. Brown Charitable Lead Trust No. 1
Luckman Trust's Owner
Bruce L. Ludwig*
Luxor Hotel / Casino
Paul Lynn*
Marcus Foundation Inc.
Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation, Inc.
Mobil Foundation Inc.
Hatem Niazi Mostafa
Norman & Melinda Payson
Craig Pearlman*
Pfizer Egypt S.A.E.
Sandra & Paul Russel
Raymond Sackler
Santa FE International Egypt Inc
George & Sandra Sherman
Roberyt J. Sparks
The Broadus Foundation
The F. Roscoe and Vila B. Webber 1974 Fund
The Grand Circle Foundation&the World Monuments Fund
The Joseph Rosen Foundation
The Louise H. & David S. Ingalls
Howard & Diane Zumsteg*

Donors of $500 or more between January 2008 and June 2009

Alacron, Inc.*
Mary F. Arce
Janice Brannon
Bob & Carole Braxton
Henri J. Buettner
Alice K. Colston
Dona L. Dinardo
David A. Duff
Marjorie Eagan
Gavin & Josie Eckersley
Elizabeth Erickson
Edith & Marcos Geribello
Gloria J. Goodman
Christopher Paul Grenier
Carol B. Grossman
Diane T. Hansch
Dave Holz
Neil Honebon
B.K. Hyman
Roger L. Johnson
California Institute of Tech. Jet Propulsion Laboratory "Kay Ferrari
Ferrari-California Institute of Tech."
Barbara E. Krause
Donald R. Kunz
Eric Todd Kvamme
Elizabeth Lee
Bruce L. Ludwig*
Paul Lynn*
Mark Magowan-Magowan Family Foundation
Mary "McMorris and Mr.
Lenny Santoro"
Reverend John Methuen
Edwin W. Naylor
Zoila Trindade Neves
Alyce Nixon
Mary J. Osborn
Craig Pearlman*
Penelope S. Radd
Pamela C. Reynolds
Arlene Rosenberg
Significance foundation Significance foundation
The Lakian Foundation
The Petty Foundation
W Mark Thompson
Michael D. Thornbrough
Bonnie J. Young
Howard & Diane Zumsteg*

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I want to personally thank you for your continued interest in our work and your financial support.

Kent Weeks
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