We have collected some links to other Valley of the Kings related sites that we have found interesting and useful in our work at the Theban Mapping Project.

Amarna Royal Tombs Project

Amenmesse Project: KV 10

The Deir el-Medina Database: Tomb Builders of the Valley of the Kings

Interim Report on the Re-Clearance at the Royal Tomb of Amenophis III: KV 22 (English) (Japanese)

KV 7 (French) (Arabic)

National Gallery of Art, The Quest for Immortality, Treasures of Ancient Egypt, Virtual Tour: KV 34

Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Expedition: KV 21, 27, 28, 44, 45, 60

Projekt MISR: KV 18, 32, 47, 54

The Royal Mummies, G. Eliot Smith: Catalog of the Royal Mummies

Tutankhamun, Anatomy of an Excavation: Howard Carter's Records of the Excavation of KV 62

The University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition: KV 8, 10, 23, 24, 25
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