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Tomb entrances before construction of flood diversion walls.
Tomb entrance of KV 18
Path leading to KV 20, KV 19, KV 43 and KV 18, entrance.
Entrance of KV 18
Modern stairs leading to first gate.
Winged Ma'at above lotus plants of Upper Egypt.
Rameses II greeting [Hathor].
Rock bolting on ceiling.
Osiris in niche.
Hathor receiving wine offerings [from Rameses II].
Sety I with Neit.
Opening of the Mouth ritual, scene 35 (detail)
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H), scene 26: sun god Ra with crew in boat.
Preliminary sketch of Sety I with Sokar-Osiris.
Madinat Habu, Roman forecourt of Amen temple, granite false door from Memorial temple of Thutmes III, detail: pair of Horus eyes
Colossus of Amenhetep III at entrance to his Memorial temple.
Woman at mud brick bread oven.
Colossi of Memnon.