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We always love to hear from our website users. But before you write to us, we suggest you review the following frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been answered:
  1. How can I make a financial contribution to the Theban Mapping Project?

  2. What are the latest discoveries of the Theban Mapping Project?

  3. Can I participate as a volunteer on your excavations?

  4. Can you help me with my homework assignment?

  5. Where do I find your bibliographies about ancient Egypt?

The Theban Mapping Project staff is small and often busy in the field and therefore the time available to answer your e-mails is limited. We do read ALL e-mail, but cannot guarantee a reply. The questions to which you are most likely to get an answer are those that we are uniquely qualified to answer, i.e. questions pertaining to Thebes. You may not receive a reply if:
  1. You did not ask a question.
  2. Your e-mail address was invalid.
  3. Your question was outside our area of expertise.
  4. The answer was available on our website.
We always love to hear from our Web site visitors. We are dedicated to making our website useful to our visitors and as always welcome your helpful comments and suggestions!
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