Anatomy of a Tomb: Modern Tomb Designations

The rock above and before the lintel of the first gate was often not cut away and covered the inner end of the entryway A [10639, 13671, 13692]. Overhangs are also found inside tombs above the ends of descents such as descent F [17119], or at the rear of stairwells [15500].     10639 13671 13692 17119 15500
Beginning with KV 17, low narrow projections line the walls of one or more side chambers off the burial chamber [17134, 16817, 15469]. From the reign of Rameses II to the end of Dynasty 19, benches are also found in the burial chamber, along the front and rear walls on the upper level [17135, 15433]. Cavetto cornices were sometimes carved into the upper edges of the benches as well.     17134 16817 15469 17135 15433

Published or last modified on: June 24, 2004
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