Anatomy of a Tomb: Modern Tomb Designations

Side Chambers (Fa, Ja-Jd, etc.)
Side chambers are most often located off pillared chamber F (usually one side chamber with a pair of pillars) [17123] or burial chamber J (usually four) [17124, 13792, 14659, 16184]. In a few cases they open off corridors (as in KV 6 and KV 11). Some were intended to hold food offerings [16260] and other funerary equipment [12634]. These are labeled according to the architectural component from which they are accessible, from front to back and left to right. We also apply the term to some items that might be called large recesses, as they lack formal gates [10482].     17123 17124 13792 14659 16184 16260 12634 10482
Rear Chambers/Corridors (K, L)
These chambers, or a corridor, are located on the main tomb axis beyond the burial chamber. Some examples are and take the form of chambers (KV 1, KV 9) [10944]. In some instances (KV 2, KV 8, KV 14) they have side chambers opening off of them [15435]. On one occasion, two chambers and a corridor follow each other (KV 11 [17131]).     10944 15435 17131

Published or last modified on: June 24, 2004
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