The Valley of the Kings: Then and Now

These views show the approach to the entrance of KV 57 (Horemheb) [12578, 11813].     12578 11813
Taken from the hill atop KV 62 (Tutankhamen), these images look northeast to KV 6 (at left) and KV 55 (at center). The pile of loose debris on the right in the historical image has been cleared, and a resthouse and the offices of the antiquities inspectors have been built in its place. Tour guides give lectures here out of the scorching sun [12577, 16844].     12577 16844
These views show the entrance to KV 47 (Siptah). It illustrates the changes the authorities have introduced to tomb entrances in order to protect them from intruders [11825, 11821].     11825 11821
These images show the approach to the entrance of KV 34 (Thutmes III). New stairs and a ramp have been constructed to allow visitors access to the tomb [12587, 13723].     12587 13723
These photos show the approach to the entrance of KV 19 (Prince Mentuherkhepeshef). The cliffs separating the Valley from Dayr al Bahri (where Hatshepsut's Temple is located) lie in the background [12581, 13696].     12581 13696
The stone-lined dirt track to the Valley of the Kings has been replaced by a paved road. The modern image looks back towards the cafeteria and bus parking lot [12590, 10368].     12590 10368

Published or last modified on: September 17, 2002
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