Previous Staff

Since 1978, the Theban Mapping Project has been fortunate to have had dozens of talented staff members working in the field and in the office. The following is a list of those staff members no longer with the TMP but who nonetheless have contributed to its success.

Nubie Abdel Basset
For over twenty years Nubie worked with assisted David Goodman (TMP's chief surveyor) surveying the tombs in the Valley and other sites on the West Bank of Thebes.
Assistant Surveyor1982-2002
John AbelMining Engineer1997-1999
Yusef el-AlfyAnthropology Assistant1980
Marjorie AronowEgyptologist1996-1998
Julie AseltineEgyptology Assistant1979
Randa Baligh
J. Robert A.BellSurveyor1979-1980
John Bex
John provided invaluable advice and assistance on computing issues, particularly on computer hardware.
Computer Consultant1997-1999
Meredith Brand
Student Intern2004-2005
Edwin Brock
Michael BukovanskyMining Engineer1997-1998
Gaston Chan
Gaston was the TMP's first photographer and initiated the TMP's aerial photography of the West Bank by aircraft and balloon.
Photographer1980, 1982
Sherif el-DidiHydrologist1995-1996
Francis DzikowskiPhotographer1992-2002
Julie EklundEgyptology Assistant1996
Roger ErringtonSurveyor1981
Renée FriedmanEgyptology Assistant1980
Jacqueline FunkIntern1998-1999
David GoodmanSurveyor1985-2003
Barbara GreeneCeramicist1979, 1998-
Lamice Gabr
Lamice continued the work of previous architects, completing and updating plans and 3D models of the Valley of the Kings tombs. She and created plans for the tombs in the Valley of the Queens, worked on an information booklet for visitors to the tombs, and supervised the installation of new signage in the Valley of the Kings.
Marcie HandlerIntern1997-1998
Nicole HansenEgyptologist/Editor2002-2004
Ahmed HarfoushResearcher1994-1995
Irfana HashmiEgyptology Assistant1998
Susan Herman
Susan, was one of the original members of the Cairo TMP team, managing the office and conducting library research.
Research Assistant, Office Manager1991-1996
Brendhan Hight
Brendhan was responsible for maintaining the old website, and contributed to the early stages of the development of the website.
Frank T. F. HoCartographer1981-1986
Michael JesudasonCeramicist1996-1998
May KaddahEgyptology Assistant1994-1995
Alia el-KaissouniEgyptology Assistant1996-1997
Lotfi KhaledConservator1997-1999
Joan KnudsenEgyptology Assistant1983-1986
Donald R KunzAssistant Surveyor1978
Bruce Lightbody
Bruce was one of the original members of the TMP field team responsible for establishing the architectural standards for TMP mapping and architectural drawing.
Kate LiszkaIntern2002
Jennifer LormansEgyptology Assistant1981
Serena LoveEgyptology Assistant1995-1996
Derrick MarCartographer1981-1985
Nicholas MartinEgyptology Assistant1980
Rasha el-NaggarEgyptology Assistant1993-1994
Joel PaulsonEgyptology Assistant1981-1982
James PetersenIntern1983
Patricia PodzorskiEgyptology Assistant1982
Don RichardsStructural Engineer1995-1998
Catharine H. Roehrig
Catherine was Assistant Director of the original TMP field team, instrumental in devising the TMP's system of mapping pit tombs.
Assistant Director1979-1995
John RossPhotographer1983
Ashraf SalloumArchitect1994-1996
Ilka SchactProject Coordinator1998-2001
Nora ShalabyIntern1998
Djihan SkinnerIntern1998-1999
Richard L. Smith, Jr.
Richard was one of the original members of the TMP field team that established architectural standards for TMP mapping and architectural drawing.
Stuart SmithEgyptology Assistant1982
Steven J. TappeArchaeology Assistant1982
May TradToponymist1981
John TriplettElectrical Engineer1996-1998
Tracey TwarowskiEgyptology Assistant1978-1980
Hans van den Berg
Hans was responsible for the design and creation of the TMP's original archaeological and image databases.
Computer Consultant1997-1999
Jonathan Van LeppEgyptology Assistant1981
Nathalie Walschaerts
Working with the TMP for four years as a researcher and translator, Nathalie contributed to our archaeological and image databases.
Franklin YatesIntern1999
Alaa el-Din YehiaAccountant1996-1998
Melissa ZabeckiIntern1997-1998
Samar Hafez Zaki
Samar worked for two years to develop plans and 3D models of tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
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