Dina Ishak Bakhoum, Conservation Specialist

       Dina has always had a great interest in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and monuments. After receiving the Abitur from the German School in Cairo, she studied Construction Engineering at the American University in Cairo and received her BS in 1999. During this time she also took courses in art, ancient art and architecture at AUC and studied Italian at the Italian Center.

After graduation, Dina started working in architecture and engineering but decided she wanted to pursue a career in a field that combined culture, art, architecture, and engineering. Accordingly, she started looking into opportunities in the field of conservation and restoration of monuments. About this time, she also started her Masters in Islamic Art and Architecture at AUC.

Dina first worked in conservation at the Centro Italo Egiziano per il Restauro e l'Archeologia, soon after she also began work on another project, the Sabil Muhammad 'Ali-Tusun Pasha, an American Research Center in Egypt project. Now, she is site manager and responsible for the restoration in the restoration of Umm al-Sultan Sha'ban madrasa and mosque, an Aga Khan project. She was also privileged enough to participate in the International Achievement Summit that took place in Ireland in June 2002. Dr. Weeks recommended this summit to AUC and it was there that Dina first met him and Susan.

In 2003 Dina participated in a course in Stone Conservation organized by the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) and UNESCO in Venice. Soon after, an opportunity arose at the TMP and she is currently studying, surveying, and writing condition reports about the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

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