Magdi Abuhmed Ali, Office Coordinator

       Magdi Abuhmed Ali is the Theban Mapping Project's office coordinator. Born and raised in Cairo, Magdi has worked in Egypt most of his life. A graduate of Helwan University of Cairo in 1985, Magdi obtained a degree in business administration. He has worked in several managerial positions prior to the Theban Mapping Project including the Canadian Institute for Archaeology. His duties include balancing the budget for the Project, translating Arabic materials, conducting research for the archaeological database and handling all administrative tasks.

Engaged to a British woman, Magdi enjoys a wide variety of international culture. Visits to Europe often find him at his favorite destination: the land of gods and goddesses, Greece. Magdi enjoys researching cultures with a vast and influential history, like Greece. Of course, he couldn't be happier exploring the rich and ancient culture of his home, Egypt. As Magdi will tell you, he lives life to the fullest: "When I have a chance to get away from it all, I love to drive out to the desert to enjoy the wide-open surroundings of the scenery. I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful balance in life: to live in Cairo, to work in the field of archaeology and Egyptology alongside Professor Weeks and his team, and to be able to share my life with my family and fiancée."
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