Matjaž Kaéiénik, Photographer

       Matjaž is from Slovenia, a small country on the sunny side of the Alps. Slovenia is an excellent place for sport and recreation during all the seasons, giving Matjaž the opportunity to become a sports addict and above all, a nature-lover. He travels, climbs mountains, flies with a paraglider. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, caving and canyoning. He has conquered several four thousand-meter peaks in the Alps and once ran a marathon.

Matjaž has always been especially attracted to photography. In the beginning, he took photographs to document his adventures and travels. Eventually he studied and got his BS in electrical engineering at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia but decided, after realizing how important taking photographs had become to him, to be a photographer.

After making this decision, he started work as a freelance photojournalist and photographer for numerous Slovene newspapers and magazines and collaborated with the Saola Photo Agency in Paris. He is a member of the International Federation of Journalists and the Slovene Journalist Association. His photographs and articles have been published various magazines including Alp, GEO and National Geographic Adventure Magazine. He worked on assignment in Peru, India, Namibia, Yemen, the US, Canada, and all throughout Europe.

He first came to Egypt in 2001 to photograph the Coptic Monasteries and for another article on Slovenian women in Alexandria. He managed to drink from the Nile and has been returning frequently since. In Egypt he opportunely began taking photos of architecture, working for various conservation projects throughout the country. Last autumn, he began work for the TMP, photographing the tombs currently being documented for condition reports in the Valley of the Kings.

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