Lucy T. Jones, Researcher

       Lucy was born and bred in Pittsburgh, PA. Her maternal grandmother taught in Egypt in the 1930s, and from her youngest years, Lucy felt an inkling of connection to the Gift of the Nile. The opportunity to travel to Egypt did not present itself until she was well underway earning her undergraduate degree at Mount Holyoke College. She studied abroad at AUC for a year under the tutelage of Dr. Salima Ikram (a fellow Seven Sisters graduate of Bryn Mawr). During the 2003 January season, Lucy also worked with Dr. Ikram on her North Kharga Oasis Survey as an assistant surveyor (and knitter). After graduating with a degree in English and Egyptology and a minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies, Lucy returned to Egypt to work at the Rare Books Library of AUC as an intern. She learned many archival skills she has been able to put to good use at the TMP. Lucy is particularly interested in Bedouin culture and travelogues from British travelers in Egypt during the 19th Century. William Matthew Flinders Petrie is her hero.
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